Creating WelhEALTH Plants list.

Growing every year in the forest garden nursery:

(see Home page for whats currently available)

Sweet chestnuts -Ruthin Sweet Chestnuts
Gooseberries – Lleyn Alwen Gooseberries
Josta berries – Bangor Forest Garden Josta berries.
Sea Buckthorn – Bfg Sea Buckthorn
Red plums – Betws G.G. Red Plums
Yellow plums – Betws G.G. Yellow Plums
Hazels – Ty Nant Hazels
Ruthin Hazels
kent Cob, lamberts filberts Hazels.
Blackcurrants – Robert Harts Blackcurrant
Redcurrants – Robert Harts Redcurrants
Goji berries.
Monkey puzzle trees.
Fuchsia – Treborth large fruit fuchsia.
Walking stick kale (perennial broccoli)
Rhubarb, Glaskins perpetual.
Willow – Golden Willow + others.
Mint – Moroccan mint, Apple mint, Mint sauce mint.
Perennial cabbage.
Damson – Malpas damson.

Plants ready early:
Josta Berries;
Goose berries;
Rhubarb, Glaskins perpetual;
Sea Buckthorn;
Walking stick kale;
Moroccan mint;
Perennial cabbage.
Red plums
Yellow plums
Goji berry.
Perennial Cabbage.

Plants ready August onwards:
Sweet chestnuts;
Hazels (Kent Cob, Ruthin Cob, Flint, and Ty nant);
Llanfihangel Red/ Yellow Plum;
Malpas Damson;
Monkey Puzzle.
Fuchsia (edible fruit)

Willow – Viminalis, Golden willow, plus the other varieties.
For baskets, structures and bio-fuel
For future: Pear, Apple grafted trees.
Tel: Frank: 079801586661.


5 thoughts on “Creating WelhEALTH Plants list.

  1. Frank you are amazing ~ love and circles of rainbow light ~ hope to get over and be of help some time this year when it suits you for one of your working projects,my hip is much improved and the menopause is over! have been propagating lots of eyebright (euphrasia) if it comes up will send some and please let me know if anything else i could possibly help you out with.much respect and loveliness liisalife xxx

  2. Hi Frank, IE Conwy here! Just checking in that you are still an Incredible Edible /Bwyd Ben group! We have become a Beacon Lead for good practice in CONWy, so hopefully lots of good things will be happening soon through the IE Network. We will keep you informed!
    Celia, Ruth and the Guys

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