Creating WelhEALTH Eco Fferm Frwythau: Incredible Edible Gift Economy Eco Farm

The Creating WelhEALTH Gift-economy Off Grid Vegan Forest Garden Edible Agroforestry Eco-farm & Community Cooperative.   

lkb tyn Y nant 2011

Creating Welhealth is a land and renewables/durables infrastructure owning co-operative that has land for free as a bearthright for full time members that need to be free of the starvational stress shortage of paying the economic hierarchy to live.  It is a temporary coop until we have the land ready to transition from, at which time it will be incorporated as the cooperative WelhEALTH with its designed land and renewables/durables infrastructure owning constitution.

A Gift Economy co-operative forest garden permaculture farm project under development, to transition to achieve a totally moneyless shared community resource for the farm community, local community, and wider community.

With aims to have all the basics of life’s needs, land, warmth and shelter, water, food, totally free gratis. A shared resource for a sharing economy. To promote sharing in the community.

Off grid, using renewable energy, wood, and wind and solar power. Using sustainable renewable materials, re-used materials, and durable materials of the highest longevity.


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